• EzClean 100ml

EzClean Solution Liquid

Application scope: For HP/ Canon / Epson / Brother inkjet printers  

Use: Cleaning for dye ink / Pigment /MagicINK/ Sublimation ink

Feature: New

Volume: 100ML/Bottle


1. Cleaning for jammed or dry printer nozzle that used dye / Pigment / MagicINK/ Sublimation ink.

2. Maintenance for the printer nozzle to extend the life of printer.




1.    Usually the deskjet inkjet printer use dye ink.

2.    Nozzle clogging category:
      A) Physical blockage - nozzle clogging due to solid material 

             --- cartridges aging sponge particles, gray particles, nozzle metal damage particles etc. cause the blocking.                     

                Printer cleaning liquid can not solve this type of blockage.

        B) Chemical blockage - nozzle clogging due to liquid curing substances.

            --- the printer longtime not working cause residual ink within the nozzle hardening of the caking, poor ink                     

                texture etc. block the nozzle hole. THIS SITUATION CAN USE PRINTER CLEANING LIQUID.

3.    Before using, please cut off the printer power.
    In any case, DO NOT make the circuit board of the nozzle polluted by liquid. If so, you can dry it with hair dryer 

        for at least 10 minutes and you had better turn on the printer after 3-5 days.




Package included:

1 x 100ml Printer cleaning liquid

1 x Syringe with thin tube

Epson Printer

Brother  Printer

Canon  Printer

HP  Printer

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EzClean 100ml

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